Postgraduate Toolkit on DVD (2nd edition)

cover 2nd edition

The first edition of our “Postgraduate Toolkit” was officially launched in November 2011. It has subsequently been launched at UNISA, the University of Johannesburg and Monash University South Africa. The Toolkit has also been exhibited at the National Research Foundation’s Annual SA PhD Conferences in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The second edition of the Toolkit was launched on 11 August 2015. We believe that the Postgraduate Toolkit is a much-needed initiative to assist postgraduate students in their studies. It serves as a valuable resource in specialist areas of research, academic writing and the enhanced professional development of academics and researchers. The Toolkit covers the holistic needs of postgraduate students and emerging researchers. The second edition contains extensive updates and voice recordings of PowerPoint presentations on selected chapters.


Our Postgraduate Toolkit stall at the NRF Annual SA PhD Conference in Johannesburg, Emperor’s Palace Convention Centre, 29 August 2012

Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, Ms Wendy Luhabe, describes this Toolkit as “a pioneering initiative [which] has the potential to greatly assist postgraduate students from all disciplines…. The fact that the Toolkit is in CD format will also allow it to be used easily and conveniently by students. Tips offered are also beneficial to supervisors of postgraduate research, as these would, for example, enhance their understanding of the powerful role of effective mentorship in accelerating the career development of young researchers and potential academics.”

Dr Adrienne Müller, who received her PhD shortly before the launch of the first edition of the Toolkit, notes, “Having recently been awarded a PhD, I can attest to the need for postgraduate students to be appropriately equipped in order for them to successfully complete their degrees within the required time period…. Thank you for designing this much needed “Postgraduate Toolkit” for postgraduate students.”

Dr Leila Kajee, from the University of Johannesburg, says, “As a supervisor I have seen students feel disempowered when they reach out for assistance, because they are never quite sure if they are “getting it right”. As such they require support and care during this very stressful time of their lives. The development of the Postgraduate Toolkit is an ambitious project that covers the wide range of research stumbling blocks, from writing a research proposal to the relationship with your supervisor.”

I have designed this Toolkit in such a way as to cover ten important, and often problematic, topics for postgraduate students, each of which forms a separate chapter. Below is some of the key content of each of the ten chapters.

Summary of content on the DVD

The following is a brief summary of the key focus areas of each of the ten chapters in the Postgraduate Toolkit on DVD. Each chapter contains practical exercises to encourage users to apply what they have learnt to their own research projects.