Nelisiwe’s Poetry

This space is dedicated to the creative works of Nelisiwe Mahlangu.


Oh yes i am
They all turned their back
They all shown hatred upon me
They all were even scared to touch me
They all said HIV is for sex workers

They all showed negative energy at me
I had no shoulder to cry on
My family whom i trusted
Went around spread the rumour

My two faced friends who laughed at me
Because of my status
Yes i am HIV positive
But not sex workers

I rather stand tall than live on my knees
I am driven
I may be HIV positive
But does not simply mean i am weak
I am bold abd strong

Like a lioness
I am a survivor
Oh yes i am

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu (C)


I feel pain and shame inside me
My parents told me to be aware 
I did not listen
I was sleeping around
Because i listened to my parents to my mentally
Constipated friends

Looks where has that led me
When AIDS came knocking to my door
I welcomed it with open arms
I gave birth to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

I did not know
I could not even pronounce it’s name
I gave birth to a child who has AIDS
I saw the empire growing stronger

I saw you AIDS
I felt dirty inside
I had information but furnished it
I was told about those elastic rubber
When i took pills i choked and choked
Alas , i tripped and AIDS looks it’s pride

I saw you AIDS ,I gave birth to you AIDS

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

The school of life

The school of love
The school l can call home
The school of peace

The school of future leaders

The school of that taught me how to read and write
The school that fed me with knowledge
Beyond my imagination
The school that made me see that anything is possible

The school that made me see that l have a bright future
Not because of promiscuity
But believing in me
That l can if others can

Now l know for a fact that
School is the most powerful weapon

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

South Africa is this what we have asked for?

We were granted freedom
But what do we do with that freedom
We do crimes
Then go to jail
South Africa is this what we have asked for?

Is this what Nelson Mandela asked?
To stay 27 years in prison
In return for our freedom
But instead the sons and daughters of this nation
They do  human trafficking
Is this what Mandela asked for?

Is this what the nation asked for?
For the freedom of our youth
To be taken away from them
Is this what we wished for south Africa?

Is this what the elders asked for?
For our youth to smoke drugs
To be addicted to drugs
It is like our youth is chained
By the predator

Is this what we asked for?
For our brothers and sisters to become dropouts
For teenage pregnancy

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu


I will rise
I will stretch out my wings like a bird
It said the sky is the limit
But to me there is no limit’s

I will rise
I will embrace the limits
I will not scratch in the dirt like chicken’s
I will be like a bird
Keeping that watchful eye for those who will rise with me

I will rise
I am climbing high
I know for a fact
There are those who will like to see me fail
But they are lost
They are lost

I will rise
All because of them
They are giving me the reason
To reach for the sky

I have learned something
That in life there are no limit’s
Rise above all odds

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

I am death

I am the soul collector
Everywhere l pass
I pass with soul of the innocent people
I pass with tears

I am death
Everywhere l go there is darkness
It feels good that the tears of the living
Have fallen for centuries
All because of me,death

I am death
I have an army of deases
I am driving the mothership
I am their leader

Now this is a war
Between me and the living
But l have defeated many
Many have tried
But have fallen

I am death
I can catch you anywhere
And anytime
I am death

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

Pure Nature

The power of nature
The blooming flowers
The green forest
The blue sky
The songs of birds

The howling wind
The sunset
The bright sun
The working colony of ants

The living souls
The amazing light of the moon
The dazzling stars
The cool oceans

The wonderful island
The colourful rainbows
The magical life

The amazing light of the sunrise
The beautiful echo cave
The hugely great mountains
The purified nature
The pure nature

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

Some boys can be a needle in your eye

He look in my eyes
He told me lies
He never told me the true story
He told me he loves but instead he lusted me
I believed me

At first it was all lovey dovey
He told me we must do the deed
He told must do the deed
He told me he would love me more than ever
He manipulated me
All l did was to believe

When l looked at him in his eyes
And told him l was pregnant
He disappeared in the air
I was starting to give in life

I have tried to kill myself more than ten times
My teacher told me l must not give up
That l can still turn my life around

I sat all by myself
And remembered the prayer that says
He puts a table before my anamies
I said to myself l must not give him the satisfaction

I still went to school
I gave birth to a baby boy
And today l am a social worker
Helping who are going through
What l went to

Today l say to myself ,all he did was to tell,tell and tell
But never do,do and do

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu


Need of mother’s love

Oh, mama
you left me in a basket
I was a baby
I needed you mother
I needed your love

When other children said the call their mothers “mom”
I kept quite
I grew with anger
I grew with hate

Oh, mama
Why did you leave me
even if I am older mama
I still need a mothers love

I still need your love
Sometime I wonder
If you ever loved me
If you ever cared about me
If you ever think about me

why did you do this to me
I made mistakes
because of you mama
when I needed advice
I had no one to turn to

I felt hopeless
I had no one to trust
I was alone
I was a street child
because of you mama

I had to eat at the dustbins
because of you
I had to ask people for money
because of you
I had to survive because of you

I suffered for a long time
I had to become a thug
because of you
maybe I will forgive you

I do not know
what the future
Holds for me

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

Nyaope who are you?where do you come from?
who made in this world?

what  is your aim?
to kill  youngsters
do you ever think about their mother crying  about  you?
do ever think about the tears that have  fallen
because of you nyaope
the tears have  fallen for centries

I just imagine
how they talk about you
how they  pray you
how they praise you
how they call you their sherpherd
how you make them lie down the gutters

the youngsters are being killed
by you nyaope
by their sherpherd
that they  praise
who asked you to be  made  in this word

what have they done to  you?
that  you hate them so badly

you have restrained the  youngsters  ability
their dreams have faded away
their  dreams vanished
because you nyaope

do they owe anything?
no they don’t

nyaope we are begging you
leave us alone
we don’t owe you anything


By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu


haven’t your mother and father
Told you that you are hurting people
That you turned nation apart
You torn them apart

Parents and children are threatened by you
Just because they outsiders
They  should not be tortured
Why xenophobia are you doing this?

When god made us
He made by his reflection
This mean that we are all alike
We might be a little bit different

But we are one
We should be uniting
not fighting
Many children have lost their friends
To you xenophobia

Lets unite
And fight xenophobia
Together we are strong

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

The darkness

Oh, darkness
It is dark
It is scary

Oh ,darkness
You have covered clouds with darkness
The curtains are torn apart

Oh, darkness
I am frightened by you
by your darkness
It makes me shakes
It makes me tremble

It makes me live in fear
It makes me run away
Not knowing where am I going
It makes feel uncomfortable
You are the worst nightmares

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu


You have abused me
You have made me suffer
You have made me do things
I never wanted to do

You have beaten me enough is enough
I am tired
I have tried
You are my RELATIVE

But you don’t care
You have  made me leave school
I do everything for you
You are supposed to treat me like your child

Yesterday you  pretended as if  you loved
But you were after the money that my parents had
Now they are dead
But why do I have to be punished?
I did not kill them

To you I am just a slave
There is a say,that says
Blood is thicker than water
But clearly water is thicker than blood

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

Never trust anyone

I had this friend
We have been friends for years

I have trusted her
I used to be with her
Chilling with her as always
It was great and fun

But  as  the time goes  on
She started changing into  something else
She startedchanging into a person
I don`t really understand

She  started doing  these weird things
She started liking boys
But I did not mind

She  started joining this skeem
She  turned  againts me
She told me that
I`m not poor as me
I finally learned that never trust anyone

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

The murder

I saw my father die in my room
I saw the murder killing my father with my own eyes

My tears were falling like waterfall
I saw that my father was feeling pain
When the bullet entered in his heart
He just looked at me and he said to me

My child do not worry about what happened
Yesterday because its in the past
you cannot take it back
you cannot erase it
It is imposible

And l looked at the murder
He just laughed with a great  laughter
I just asked myself
Does he realised that he has killed a father of a child
That a child has lost her father

And he ran away
My father just closed his eye and lay there
I watched as my father die

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu


She never felt alone
She had a mother
She had a father
She had a sister
She had a brother

She had the things l’ve always wanted
The things l’ve always wished for
The  thouhgt of not having parents
Pained so much
That has drown my tears

I am a slave to her
Because l have lost my parents
She did not know she  had preious people by her side

I always ask myself
why did god have to take my parents from me
Why do  I have to be punished

Because l don`t have parents
But l can never find answers

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu

Our remarkable youth


Our youth

Be a good youth

Be a good example to us


Be a good youth with good intention

Not with bad intentions

Drinking alcohol

Smoking drugs

Disrespecting elders


Don’t disrespect teachers

They are giving you the key to success

They are giving you the education

Be a good youth


Inspire us

Make us believe

That you are the future leaders

Make us believe that you will lead this country

To success


You are the new brooms

New brooms sweep cleaner

A good country deserves the best youth

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu


Inspiring dreams


Inspiring dreams

Led me to inspiring hopes

Inspiring hopes led me to

My African dream


The dreams l always wanted

The dream  l always wished for

My dreams are full of joy

My dreams have not vanished

My dreams are not in the vain


My dreams are wonderful

My dreams are adventurous

My dreams are worth anything

My dreams are worth thinking of


My African dream

My inspiring dream

My dream led me to my happiness


My dreams are

Malevolent dream

The inspiring dream

Led me to my African dream


She never felt alone

She never felt alone

She had a mother

She had a father

She had a brother

She had sister


She had the things

I had dreamed of having

The thought of not having parents

Pained so much

That has drowned my tears


I am a slave to her because l don’t have parents

She did not know

She had precious people by her side

I always ask myself the question


Why did god have to take away

My parents from me?

Why do l have to be punished


By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu


We are reflections of beauty


We are all beautiful

We are all unique

We are  all special


Beauty is our second nature

Only fools think black is not beautiful

But they don’t know what is black is capable of

Black represents silence


People judge the colour black

They don’t know what is inside

Because what is inside is not filled with evil


The colour black is beautiful

Beyond their thinking

It is better to be beautiful than to be not beautiful


Beauty Begins with you

Let us tell you something

Black is like the sweetened fruit

Black buries the hatchet

People stop being wet blankets

And be proud of being black and white

Black is beautiful and white is beautiful

Let’s be beautiful as always


Education is enjoyable


Education is fun

If you make it your friend

If you fall in love with it


Education is fun

Education is a star

Education is an angel

Education is loyal

Education is honest


Education does not make empty promises

Education promises you the brightest future

If only study hard

If you be a good listener

When the teacher is teaching


Education is the key to success

If you throw away the key

That your loss


If you throw away the most important key

You are throwing the key that could make you

Reach the destination to success


So if you understand that education so your only key

You must make sure you keep it safe

It is in your hands

By Nelisiwe Mahlangu

(C) Nelisiwe Mahlangu