Feedback – Pharmacist

  • “Good Day Dr. Layla, Thank you for your feedback. I would however also like to thank you for your exceptional service on the day. The advice you gave me was absolutely invaluable as subsequent to the day I became very very ill, but as I applied the methods you advised the meds kicked in and responded very well. I did not book off ill but today at work I feel a new person and happy that my recovery was short lived. From the bottom of my heart, THANK You.”
  • “Thanks so much for caring and going to so much trouble. […] People like you make the world go around.”
  • “Many thanks for taking such an interest in me with my medication.”
  • “Hi Layla. Thank you so much for the advice and websites. […] I hope [X] is aware of your dedication and caring.”
  • “Thanks for all the hard work. You are an excellent pharmacist.”