Era’s Poetry

This space is dedicated to the creative works of Era Makama.


Boys can  mess up your  life

I met a boy who was nice to me,
When i looked at him,
He was a smooth talker,
I fell in love with him,
He said ,You are such a beautiful lady!
Where do you come from?

Little  i  did  not  know  that he  is  going  to
mess  up  my  life,
He wanted to make me pregnant
When  he realised that i am pregnant
He  denied  our  child
He  prenteded  as  if he did not  sleep  with  me,

When  i tried  to call him ,
He ignored my calls
He just hang up   when called i him
My  parents did  not  care about  my situation
And  they chased me out
When i went to my ralatives for help,
They also chased  me  out

I have lost everything to a boy
I have  lost my  dreams  and my everything

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama


Where were you

Oh! father you left me
When i`m young
But you want me to forgive you
When my mother  went through ups and down with me
Where were you?

When i needed your love father
Where were you?
When i was need you to feed
Where were you?

My mother tried to call you
But you ingnore her
Sometimes you hang up her calls
But now you except me  to forgive you
What kind of father are you?

When i was sick
Where were you?
When my mother save me from danger
Where were you?

When my mother  was dying
Where were you?
When i was suffering
Where were you?
But you except me to forgive you, Forget


By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I wish to be the ruler of the world
I wish to be the star shinning up in the sky
I wish to be a role model to other people

The celebrity to all
The ruler of the sky like a birds
The ruler of water and inner peace  like sharks and whales

The  ruler of the meat likes lions and jackals
To be the ruler of SOUTH AFRICA

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I am a flower
The most beautiful thing in the world
My beauty charms the world
My beauty charms the animal

My beauty charm people
When you water me
I get excited
When the sun gives me energy
I get excited

I am making the world beautiful
I`M like  a rainbow in sky
I am a ruler of  nature
I bring joy to people

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I just imagine
Some people  pray  me as their  God
Some people says  that I am the best thing in their life
But they don’t know what l am made of

Just imagine
your brothers and sisters
They don’t  have future because me
They steal because  of me

Just imagine
They have lost their dreams because of me
I have brought evil into this world
My family brought me to destroy the world
I am nyaope

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I won`t forget about my memory
I was so  rude
But   my rudeness  taught me  something
I was sleeping around
It was fun with my friends

I was also joined this group called SITHOTHANE
The world was sweet
The life was nice
At night I`m not sleeping at home
My mother tried to warn me

But i didn`t  listen to her
When i got prengnant
I didn`t know what to do
I was afraid to tell my mother
I asked my friends what to do?

My friends didn`t care about me
There was no other way i can do
I told my mother that i`m  prengnant
My mother was not suprised
Because she knew that i was not sleeping at home

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



Africans are crying
Africans are worrying
Africans are asking

Where  the beauty of Africans has gone to?
Where  the national songs has gone  to?
Where our prays has gone to?

Who is making us suffer?
Who is destroying our live?
Who is killing Africa?

What is making us to kill each other?
What is going on in Africa?
What is wrong in Africa?

How can we fix Africa?
How can we change Africa?
How Africa can be just like this?

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I  didn`t  know  what  can i do?
I asked  myself many questions
But i didn`t find any answers
l thought to killing myself
But something came to my mind

I must strive for survival
My family took me as their slave
I do not go to school

When I ask about school,they beat me
But their children are going to school

I decided to be a street kid
I was smoking drugs to forget
About what happened to me
Today they are taking me as an animal
Because l lost my parents

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama