Era’s Poetry

This space is dedicated to the creative works of Era Makama.


I have being ostracized by my own people 
I have being criticised everyday
I have no self -esteem

I renewed my life
Like renewable resources
My heart leaded me to a place of peace

Each day i was trying to shape my life
Hoping that i have inside to give me
Strength to be what i want to be

I thought i got a way
To my wonderland
Place that i always dreamt to be

I thought i have taken
The dark cloud away from me
But it is still inside me

I have tried to get out in the ocean
Am still sinking
No one seems to.pull me out

Am screaming too loud
Crying day and night
But no one seems to listen

Will i reach to my wonderland ?
Will i take out the dark cloud ?
Will someone listen to me ?

By: Era Makama (C)


In our land 
Our Africa Mama land
The land full of joy
The land where we praise our beautiful culture

I bow to you with my knees
My Mama land
My born land

The land where i grown roots
I have been blessed with African spirits
Our ancestors covered our shadows

The land of cultural things
Our cultural background is highly rich
Our grass mats help us sleep under African skies
Our beads shows our colours of peace and passion

That’s my born land
My Africa Mama land

(C) Era Makama


I was born without knowing 
Where will i be with
Not knowing where will i end
Not knowing where will life take me to

You were the one who use to feed me
Taught me respect
Waping my tears upon my face
You leaded me to my journey
Where my future is bright to

I was crying day and night over your shoulders
You hushed me over your shoulders
You holded me with both hands
Which they are full with care and love
You guided me to see the world

You rised me even you were single parent
You faced my challenges and over came them

Today , i am a beautiful lady
A smart lady
Because of your support and love
Thank you MAMA

(C) Era Makama

The black beauty of Africa

I am the black beauty of Africa
Who has came to show the world
Who she is !

I am the black beauty of Africa
Who has came to show the world
Her really colour

I am the black beauty of Africa
Who has came to show the world
How proud she is with het culture

I am the black beauty of Africa
Who can stand front of the world
Telling them about her memories

I am the black beauty of Africa
Who will unite the world
Who will become star of Tomorrow

I am the black beauty of Africa
Who she is born to be free
Like birds

I am the black beauty of Africa
Who has upon with blessings
I am the black beauty of Africa.

The shadow of my tears

He left me alone
He will never come back
He will never touch me again

I will always remember him
I will always love him
I will always miss him

He left me with a painful heart
He left me with a broken heart
He left me with tears

He was the one ,who put a smile upon my face
He was the one ,who taught me respect
He was the one , who use to feed me

But now , I’m in the oncean
I have eaten by sharks
I cannot lift my spirit , I cannot breath

He died when i needed him
He died when i needed his support
He died when I’m young

My father
He was a strong man
He was a brave man
But he left me alone
With tears

I don’t have parents
I don’t have home
I don’t have food

My father was the only one
Who cares for me
But he left me alone

Today ,I am a buger
But , when my father was alive
I was eating what ever i want

I was treated as a princess
I was going to school
My father wanted a better future for me
My father was use to say “Education is the key to success”

But now ,I have thrown my key away
Today,I am a street kid
Who smoke nyaope
Who has no future

I was an intelligent student at school
I has a big dreams for my future
But now , my future is nyaope
I regret
But the situation forced me
So I am a street kid .

(C) Era Makama

I am….

I am the Queen
The Queen of all lands
They choosed me to be the Queen
My Gods gave me all the powers

The power to destroy money
The power to destroy darkness
The power to destroy evil things
The power to destroy the spirit of darkness

I am the Queen
The Africa Queen
The Africa Dream
The Dream you will follow

I will rule the Earth with honour
I will lay my news laws
I will sit in my throne with dignity
I will wear my crown with dignity

I will sing a song that says
I am the Queen
The fearest one of all
Bow to me

(C) Era Makama

Show me …..

Oh! My dearest sister
Show me the way
The way of life 
The way of happiness
The way of peace

I am so innocent and blind
I don’t know nothing
I want you to empower me with different skills
I want to help those who are being criticised everyday
The way of dignity
The way of courage

When i look at the Makhonjwa Mountain
I see the darkness
The darkness of my country
The darkness of my future
The darkness of my life
I am surrounded by the darkness
I don’t see anything
I see the darkness in my eyes
The clouds are covered by the darkness
Everything in the sky is dark
Even with the bright stars
All i fear is darkness

Oh! My dearest sister
Where is the way ?

(C) Era Makama

She left me alone

The Earth we live in
Full of sorrows
I saw her
When she was dying
When she was screaming

I have tried to help her
But,She left me in
The horrible life

When i close my eyes
I see her talking to me
I see her chilling with me

She died upon my arms
Bleeding upon my arms
Calling my name

But , she left me alone
Now , there is no one i can
Tell her about my personal issues
My secrets

She left me alone .

(C) Era Makama

I am …..

I am a dead person
Walking on the streets
Don’t know where to go

I’m turning to a fool
Because i have trusted someone
Thinking she is a friend

I don’t have future
I won’t reach my goals
I won’t prove the world my talent

She had all of mine
She had mess up my life
She repulsed my future

I regret
I’m walking on the streets
Don’t know where to go

I am a loser
Because of a friend

(C) Era Makama

The power of Nature

Oh! The power of Nature
You revolve around us
That’s what makes us 
To be unique

Your beauty makes
The world beautiful
Your beauty makes
The work of God beautiful

Oh! The power of Nature
You are the most powerful thing in the world
How can we live
Without the power of Nature ?

Oh! The power of Nature
We are your reflection
We are your spirit of love
There is the power of Nature to wait for

We are at the Mercy of Nature
The floods of Nature
The storms of Nature
The earthquakes of Nature
The hurricanes of Nature

The creature of God

(C) Era Makama

The promises

You promised me that
You will marry me
But you didn’t marry me
You made me pregnant
When you saw that
I’m pregnant
You ran away

But now , i regret
Your words made me to trust you
As a fool i didn’t see that
You wanted to end up my future
I continued loving you
I thought you love me as i do

But no ,you lusted me
I remember when you say “Bontle bja gago ka re ke palesa ya lewatle”
I smiled
But when you found what you wanted
You started acting as a Junkie

You hitted me
You said i was cheating
It’s not your child
I’m framing you
All those bad things

Now , you are driving luxury cars
You have a family
But , i
Am struggling with your child
The anger that i have
There is no peace in my heart

No one loves me
Because i have a child
Who has no future
Your child…
Your son…
He is always asking about you
I don’t know what to tell him
All i say to him is that your father is dead

The pain i feel
Is turned to painless
To other people
The pain he feels
Is like the world is turning up on him

All i say is that
My son has grown without father
All i say is that
There is no gain without pain.

(C) Era Makama

Who is the leader ?

Oh ! South Africans
Would you tell me
Who is the leader ?

South Africans
We pretend as if we have a leader
We don’t have a leader anymore

Our nation is going to suffer
We must stick together as a tree
We must stick together as a swarm if bees
We must stick together as a family

You must remember that
Tata Nelson Mandela will never come back
To unite the nation

Now we must stop Xenophobia
We must stop Discrimination
So that we can bring the old South Africa back

Our nation is starting to get mess
Some teenagers are selling drugs
Some are taking drugs

South Africans who is the leader?

(C) Era Makama

I am …..

I am money
The creater of evil
My family send me to charm you

Without me you arw nothing
You need me left and right
You need me up and down

But you don’t see that
I’m evil
You are working hard
Because of me

You life can be difficult
Because of me
Oh! I am….

I am the ruler of the Universe
I make people to be crazy
When they see me

I am scarce
The creater of evil

(C) Era Makama

Enough is Enough

I have gave you my heart
I have begged alot
I have cried alot
I have been dumped alot
I loved you alot

But, You didn’t even see tha
You didn’t even appreciate my love
I have tried all my best to show you
How much i love you

But ,You pushed me away
You broke me with your words
You abused with your sentences
You treated me like so much dirt
And hurt me with offence

But,Now what you said sorry
You hurt me then you except me to forgive you
When you break a glass
Can it be fixed again
So why must i be fixed ?

(C) Era Makama

Our Youth

Day the Youth 
I can’t believe these is our Youth
Our Youth who were using to dance around fire
Who were respecting each other

They killing each other
They are taking drugs
They are going to Nightclubs
They are having babies
Oh! How i wish ………
The rain could rain
To wash our Youth
To wash thier sins

Let’s help them
Courage is grace under pressure

(C) Era Makama

Boys can  mess up your  life

I met a boy who was nice to me,
When i looked at him,
He was a smooth talker,
I fell in love with him,
He said ,You are such a beautiful lady!
Where do you come from?

Little  i  did  not  know  that he  is  going  to
mess  up  my  life,
He wanted to make me pregnant
When  he realised that i am pregnant
He  denied  our  child
He  prenteded  as  if he did not  sleep  with  me,

When  i tried  to call him ,
He ignored my calls
He just hang up   when called i him
My  parents did  not  care about  my situation
And  they chased me out
When i went to my ralatives for help,
They also chased  me  out

I have lost everything to a boy
I have  lost my  dreams  and my everything

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama


Where were you

Oh! father you left me
When i`m young
But you want me to forgive you
When my mother  went through ups and down with me
Where were you?

When i needed your love father
Where were you?
When i was need you to feed
Where were you?

My mother tried to call you
But you ingnore her
Sometimes you hang up her calls
But now you except me  to forgive you
What kind of father are you?

When i was sick
Where were you?
When my mother save me from danger
Where were you?

When my mother  was dying
Where were you?
When i was suffering
Where were you?
But you except me to forgive you, Forget


By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I wish to be the ruler of the world
I wish to be the star shinning up in the sky
I wish to be a role model to other people

The celebrity to all
The ruler of the sky like a birds
The ruler of water and inner peace  like sharks and whales

The  ruler of the meat likes lions and jackals
To be the ruler of SOUTH AFRICA

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I am a flower
The most beautiful thing in the world
My beauty charms the world
My beauty charms the animal

My beauty charm people
When you water me
I get excited
When the sun gives me energy
I get excited

I am making the world beautiful
I`M like  a rainbow in sky
I am a ruler of  nature
I bring joy to people

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I just imagine
Some people  pray  me as their  God
Some people says  that I am the best thing in their life
But they don’t know what l am made of

Just imagine
your brothers and sisters
They don’t  have future because me
They steal because  of me

Just imagine
They have lost their dreams because of me
I have brought evil into this world
My family brought me to destroy the world
I am nyaope

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I won`t forget about my memory
I was so  rude
But   my rudeness  taught me  something
I was sleeping around
It was fun with my friends

I was also joined this group called SITHOTHANE
The world was sweet
The life was nice
At night I`m not sleeping at home
My mother tried to warn me

But i didn`t  listen to her
When i got prengnant
I didn`t know what to do
I was afraid to tell my mother
I asked my friends what to do?

My friends didn`t care about me
There was no other way i can do
I told my mother that i`m  prengnant
My mother was not suprised
Because she knew that i was not sleeping at home

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



Africans are crying
Africans are worrying
Africans are asking

Where  the beauty of Africans has gone to?
Where  the national songs has gone  to?
Where our prays has gone to?

Who is making us suffer?
Who is destroying our live?
Who is killing Africa?

What is making us to kill each other?
What is going on in Africa?
What is wrong in Africa?

How can we fix Africa?
How can we change Africa?
How Africa can be just like this?

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama



I  didn`t  know  what  can i do?
I asked  myself many questions
But i didn`t find any answers
l thought to killing myself
But something came to my mind

I must strive for survival
My family took me as their slave
I do not go to school

When I ask about school,they beat me
But their children are going to school

I decided to be a street kid
I was smoking drugs to forget
About what happened to me
Today they are taking me as an animal
Because l lost my parents

By: Era Makama

(C) Era Makama