5th National Disability Imbizo

Our 5th National Disability Imbizo was held at the Joburg Theatre on 22-23 October 2015. This year, the focus was specifically on the mining sector in South Africa.



08h00 – 08h50: Registration and Refreshments
09h00 – 09h10: Welcome and Introduction by the Programme Director: Adv. Hassan Cassim
09h15 – 15h00:(refreshment and lunch breaks included) Focus of this interactive workshop: An overview of the legislative context: The Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998 as amended, the relevant Code of Good Practice and the Department of Labour’s Technical Assistance Guidelines on the Employment of People with Disabilities-: A Focus on the Employment, Management and Advancement of People with Disabilities in the transforming South African workplace 

Specific learning areas include the following:

Identifying Disabilities

  • Physical disabilities
  • Neuro muscular disabilities
  • Neurological disabilities
  • Sensory disabilities
  • Communication disorders
  • Intellectual learning disabilities
  • Mental health/psychological disabilities

Reasonable Accommodation

  • What is reasonable accommodation?
  • Key aspects of reasonable accommodation
  • What is unjustifiable hardship?
  • Addressing discrimination in the workplace
  • Specific barriers faced by people with disabilities
  • How can we practically overcome these barriers?

The Employment and Advancement of People with Disabilities (PWD)

  • The business case for employing PWD
  • Benefits of employing PWD
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and Development
  • Creating an enabling and supportive environment
  • Performance Management
  • Developing retention strategies
  • Integrating employees with a disability into the workplace

Workshop facilitated by Adv Hassan Cassim, Labour Law Specialist, The Renaissance Network


15h00 – 16h00: An Industrial Theatre Production on Disability in the South African workplace: performed by African Tree Productions



08h30 – 09h00: Early morning refreshments 
09h00 – 10h30: Keynote Address: The conceptions of disability that underpin SA labour laws
Dr Meryl du Plessis, Lecturer in Public Law: University of Cape Town
10h30 – 11h00: Mid-morning refreshment break
11h00 – 12h30: Optimal pharmaceutical care for people with disabilities: Getting the most out of health care services
Dr Layla Cassim, Pharmacist, Pharmacologist, Managing Director of Layla Cassim ERS Consultants CC
12h30 – 13h30: A networking luncheon
13h30 – 15h30 Enforcement of employers’ positive duties in respect of employees with disabilities
Dr Meryl du Plessis, Lecturer in Public Law: University of Cape Town
15h30 – 16h00 Wrap-up of the day’s proceedings